Men's Watersport

Vibram FiveFingers that are best for watersports:

Signa TrekSport Sandal
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Each of you has a unique "Vibram" story to share. Over the next year, Vibram is dedicated to helping bring these narratives to life in a series called, "What's Your Story". In each episode you will be introduced to a different member of the Vibram family through their unique and personal story.

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Shoes in the water?

Only if they’re Vibram FiveFingers®.

With independent toe traction, and a design that fosters better grip, control and performance, VFF’s are quickly becoming popular with surfers, kayakers, sailors, stand-up paddle boarders (SUP), and kite boarding as a way to enhance their performance in the water

On the slippery surfaces common in watersports, VFFs enhance foot flexibility, while keeping the footwear secured to your foot. The grip performance of Vibram rubber will allow your foot to move as if it were barefoot while providing the protection you need.

Mens Water Shoes – Surfing, SUP, Sailing, Paddleboard Shoes | Vibram FiveFingers
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Vibram FiveFingers makes a variety of men’s water shoes designed to enhance activities such as sailing, surfing, paddle boarding, and fishing.