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Vibram FiveFingers that are best for running

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Each of you has a unique "Vibram" story to share. Over the next year, Vibram is dedicated to helping bring these narratives to life in a series called, "What's Your Story". In each episode you will be introduced to a different member of the Vibram family through their unique and personal story.

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Go the distance in FiveFingers Running Shoes for Women

Free your feet to perform at their best with Vibram FiveFingers® for running. Running in FiveFingers allows your foot to land with a forefoot strike, similar to barefoot, but with the protection of a Vibram sole. No running footwear comes closer to recreating this natural sensation. This forefoot style allows you to land directly below your center of gravity, resulting in efficient balance and stability with less impact - as if you were running barefoot. Get back in touch with the ground with FiveFingers. Get grounded – Go forward.

As with any new sport or activity, Vibram recommends you consult your physician or a medical professional to see if natural running in FiveFingers is right for you.

Running Shoes for Women Minimalist Running Sneakers | Vibram FiveFingers
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View the full line of Vibram FiveFingers barefoot running sneakers for women, designed to help improve overall running mechanics.