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Vibram FiveFingers that are best for fitness

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Each of you has a unique "Vibram" story to share. Over the next year, Vibram is dedicated to helping bring these narratives to life in a series called, "What's Your Story". In each episode you will be introduced to a different member of the Vibram family through their unique and personal story.

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Get more from your fitness routine

Vibram FiveFingers® means getting more from your workouts. Our fitness footwear helps you maximize your time at the gym while enhancing ground feel. Whether you’re crushing a crossfit workout or doing some cardio, our minimalist footwear helps your feet stay better connected to the ground. This allows your foot to move and flex as if barefoot giving you a better sense of awareness and allowing you to train at the highest level possible. With Vibram’s minimalist design, you truly get more out of less.

Workout Shoes for Men – Mens Barefoot Shoes | Vibram FiveFingers
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Vibram FiveFingers minimalist shoes help men get the most out of their workouts. No matter what the workout calls for, Vibram makes a shoe to enhance the experience.