Women's Casual

Vibram FiveFingers that are best for casual wear

Alitza Breathe Alitza Loop Alitza CVT-Hemp CVT LS KSO EVO Speed XC Lite Speed XC Trek Ascent LR TrekSport V-Classic LR V-Classic VI-B Vybrid Sneak
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Each of you has a unique "Vibram" story to share. Over the next year, Vibram is dedicated to helping bring these narratives to life in a series called, "What's Your Story". In each episode you will be introduced to a different member of the Vibram family through their unique and personal story.

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No matter where life takes you- Women’s casual shoes

No matter where life takes you, getting there in Vibram FiveFingers® means experiencing every moment of the journey. That’s because our minimalist footwear is designed to keep you in touch with the ground, while also providing a fit that promotes flexibility and a natural feel. When you wear your VFFs, you’ll allow your body to move in a fresh and exciting way. Due to increased flexibility and a virtually barefoot feel, you’ll soon discover a smoother, more natural walking motion. Vibram FiveFingers provide a healthy alternative to traditional footwear by encasing your foot, allowing you to stretch and spread your toes.

Women’s Casual Barefoot Shoes – Minimalist Casual Sneakers | Vibram FiveFingers
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View the line of women’s FiveFingers shoes designed for casual wear. Click to learn more, courtesy of Vibram.