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Boy's Speed

New for kids this season! The Speed for kids is built on the Kids’ KSO platform to offer children the best, most authentic barefoot experience. Designed for casual play, it has a traditional lacing system that accommodates a wide range of foot widths and instep heights and provides the secure fit kids need. Machine Washable. Air Dry.




UPPER - Polyester Mesh 

SOLE - Vibram TC-1 Tatto Kid Rubber

FOOTBED - Polyester Mesh + 2.5mm EVA

Machine washable. Air dry.


Men's size J30 - 3.2oz. each, 6.4oz./pair


Boy’s SPEED size conversion

American Size Range →

T11.5 - T12

T12.5 - T13

T13.5 - Y1

Y1.5 - Y2

Y2 - Y2.5

Y3 - Y3.5

Y4 - Y4.5

Y5 - Y5.5

Your SPEED Size→









T = Toddler

Y = Youth


What size is right for you:

Foot shapes and sizes vary greatly. FiveFingers do provide some fit adjustment, but may not fit every foot type. To achieve the best fitting results for the particular style you are interested in, we recommend you follow the sizing chart and instructions here.


Speed Fitting Tips


With the laces loosened and tongue pulled up, insert your foot while gradually aligning each toe with the appropriate toe pocket — it’s often best to start with your big toe and work down to the little toe, gradually inching forward as each toe finds its place. Check to make sure one toe is in each pocket.


AFTER each toe is in place, pull up the heel cup and nestle your own heel into the FiveFingers heel cup. It's important to get your heel firmly seated in the heel cup.


Adjust the laces to desired tightness and secure. Make sure the tongue is centered on the top portion of the foot. Wiggle your toes and adjust accordingly to find your ideal comfort.

Men's Speed Fitting


Kids Speed Anatomy



Vibram FiveFingers® footwear combines innovative design, precision engineering and meticulous manufacturing. We’ve used only premium quality materials and the proven technology of Vibram® soles to create alternative footwear designed to enhance your performance.

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Black / White

Available Sizes

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