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Serious water sports athletes depend on gear to keep them safe, warm and help them perform. The Maiori does this by providing warmth and traction to perform at the highest level.


Popular use for the Maiori





UPPER - 2mm Neoprene
Jointed fourth and fifth toe help protect the toes during intense activities

INSOLE - 2.5mm EVA + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner

COMPOUND - Wave Grip


Machine wash Cold/Air dry.


Women's size 38 - 5.11oz. each, 10.22oz./pair


Fitting Tips for FiveFingers Minimalist Barefoot Shoes:


Step 1

With the single strap fully open, insert your foot while gradually aligning each toe with the appropriate toe pocket- it's often best to start with your big toe and work down to the little toe, gradually inching forward as reach toe finds its place. Check to make sure one toe is in each pocket.

Step 2

AFTER each toe is in place, pull up the heel cup and nestle your own heel into the FIveFingers heel cup. It's important to get your heel firmly seated in the heel cup.

Step 3

Pull the single strap closure across your instep and secure. Make sure the strap loss flat as it wraps around the foot. Wiggle your toes and adjust the strap to find your ideal FiveFingers comfort.

As a reminder, it may take some time for you to adapt to FiveFingers, and everyone adapts differently. We suggest gradually increasing usage over time.

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Vibram FiveFingers® minimalist sneakers and footwear combine innovative design, precision engineering and meticulous manufacturing. We’ve used only premium quality materials and the proven technology of Vibram® soles to create alternative footwear designed to enhance your performance.

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Popular uses for the Maiori