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Each of you has a unique "Vibram" story to share. Over the next year, Vibram is dedicated to helping bring these narratives to life in a series called, "What's Your Story". In each episode you will be introduced to a different member of the Vibram family through their unique and personal story.

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Connect to the Earth with firmly rooted feet. Vibram FiveFingers footwear for yoga and Pilates features a thin Vibram® sole that allows optimum flexibility and range of motion, while keeping bare feet protected. It provides a hygienic alternative to being barefoot in the studio, while providing the same sensory feedback critical to balance and agility. For those of you who want to take your yoga or Pilates practice on the road, it lets you leave your mat at home and still have the traction you need on a variety of surfaces, whether you’re at a campsite or in your hotel room.

While Vibram FiveFingers footwear offers practical advantages for yoga and Pilates, it also promotes a more healthy and natural way of walking and moving in your everyday life. By having your feet on a flat plane it helps align your posture, putting less stress on your body. Small muscles in the feet and lower leg are stimulated, enhancing your body awareness and arousing the senses as you move throughout your world in a more connected way.

Vibram FiveFingers that are best for Yoga/Pilates:

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Vibram FiveFingers Natural Sports - Yoga / Pilates